How to find an Auto Locksmith in Austin

The locksmith trade, like all trades is broken up into a handful of focused areas.  You can call a commercial locksmith, residential locksmith, mobile locksmith and an auto locksmith.

There is a lot of overlap in these.  I do some light commercial work, can do most residential work and am a mobile locksmith. However, my focus is primarily being an auto locksmith.

If you need a car key, it would be a mistake to call another locksmith.  Auto locksmith, unlike the others is a little more specialized.  The tools to program cars and make car keys change every year, and a shop or individual that doesn’t focus on automotive might be using older tools or worse yet may not have the right tools for the job wasting your time and possibly your money.

There are a handful of factors you should consider when looking for an auto locksmith:

1. Are they mobile – If they can’t drive to you, they don’t understand the customers need.  Because if you’ve lost your key towing it to a locksmith to get one made is a pain and a waste of money.

2. Do they have a warranty – Car keys and specifically transponder keys can be tricky and you need someone with the experience . For example, if you make a new key for a Chrysler / Dodge the key can actually make the ignition seize up if it isn’t cleaned out. If a locksmith knows what he’s doing he’ll take care of problems like this before they happen.

3. Experience – Does the locksmith even know what he’s doing? There are tons of reference materials out there that tell you HOW to do something, but unless you’ve done it before there are always things that come up that aren’t explained in the book. If it seems like the locksmith is struggling he may not have the necessary experience to do the job.

4. Price – Being a mobile auto locksmith means your prices should always be lower than a locksmith shop because you aren’t paying rent, bills, etc.


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